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11th International Conference on Language Variation in Europe - ICLaVE|11!


Update: ICLaVE|11 postponed to 2022
due to the COVID-19 situation

ICLaVE is not just any professional conference - it is an opportunity for convivial exchange and engagement on many levels. 
There are some significant characteristics that are specifically connected with the ICLaVE conference series that would unduly fall victim to any digital or hybrid alternative format. These of course include especially in-person engagement, which more often than not is vastly more conducive to our academic, area-specific advancement than any online-only presentation format with restricted opportunity for interaction could be. Not to mention all the social-cultural aspects that the university and city of Vienna hold in store for participants and which we had planned within our accompanying social program.
Given the still great number of imponderabilities that loom over all conference planning for 2021, we have reluctantly come to the decision to postpone ICLaVE|11 to the year 2022.

We are pleased to announce that ICLaVE|11 will now take place from April 11-14, 2022!

Due to the postponement we have made adjustments to our registration schedule and our calls. More Details following soon!

The ICLaVE|11 organizing team



The International Conference on Language Variation in Europe, ICLaVE, is one of the most important fora for research in the area of language variation in Europe. It aims at bringing together scholars of languages and language varieties spoken in Europe with the purpose of discussing empirical, methodological and theoretical issues in the study of language variation and change on our continent.  


ICLaVE|11 takes place at the University of Vienna, Austria
(with kind support from the Austrian Academy of Sciences). 


11-14 April, 2022.
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Please keep checking this website for updates and incoming information!

If you want to participate, take a look at our calls. You can propose a paper, a poster, a multimedia presentation, or a panel.

As soon as scheduling is completed, you will find our conference programme as well as the abstracts on this site. In the meantime, check out our plenaries and social programme.

As soon as registration starts, you can sign up here.

The locations section has information on the venue, on accommodation options, and on getting around in Vienna.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us via iclave11(at)dioe.at.