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ICLaVE|11 is excited to present keynotes by:


Carlota de Benito Moreno

... is Assistant Professor of Language and Space in Ibero-Romance at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. As a dialectologist, she focusses on morphosyntactic variation in Spanish and other Ibero-Romance languages, using a broad range of data types, from rural spoken language to written texts found on social media such as Twitter. 



Annette D’Onofrio

... is Assistant Professor of Linguistics at Northwestern University in Illinois, USA. Her research aims to examine how sociolinguistic styles are produced, perceived, and represented cognitively, and how they are connected with social constructs like personae. She also founded and co-leads the Chicagoland Language Project, studying linguistic variation and change across varied sociohistorical contexts in the Chicago area.



Stephan Elspaß

... is Professor of German Linguistics at the University of Salzburg. His work focuses on language variation and change, German dialectology, and historical sociolinguistics, with a special interest in language history 'from below', the effects of standardisation, and language ideologies (on German and in a comparative view). 



Stefan Michael Newerkla

... is Professor of West Slavic Linguistics at the Department of Slavic Languages of the University of Vienna. His work focuses on language contact in the past and present, combining research methods and insights from (historical) sociolinguistics, geolinguistics, language typology and other disciplines (history, sociology).